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The systamatic abuse of children for 70 years vs ...........................

Hard to way up which is the most evil I presume.

Hopefully Ireland will go the way of Spain now, piss off one generation of people enough and you break the cycle of Dogma being handed down.

It made me laugh/cry when I read the quote "but the true problem would be if this issue hid all of the good work we do"

Drug lords also take care of the poor and needy. When it suits them. Shall we forget their crimes??

At least their is a choice with drugs.

I would commetn one last thing, a lot of these "schools" got given $10,000 a month per child, with $8,000 of this then being directly transferred to Rome. The Irish people (not the fucking side show of a government) should demand this money back. = 70 years x 12 months x $8,000 x 50,000 chidren p/a) . Thats $336,000,000,000. I'd also ask for interest. No wonder the Pope can afford to keep paying the settlements for his little kiddy fiddler brigades. (Although the $800m settlement agreed in Ireland was paid for by the Irish tax payer).

I know I said one last thing but this is the last for now. Ireland was a Theocratic state when this happened, who now can say it is a good idea.

Thu, 21 May 2009 19:43:00 UTC | #362746