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Great story! Thanks for sharing!

Being in the military myself, both active duty in the Army, and now part-time in the Air Guard, I can second Marshall's statement on how the military attracts fundies. I met a few being in the Army, and they were usually from the south where it is more prevalent. I think it is an education issue myself. Those who lack in any decent education seem to fall prey to this mindset. Granted, there are those who have a higher ed and still think that way, but they usually don't seem to think to deeply or critically on things.

Up until a few yrs ago called myself and agnostic when I found out what it meant, but now I am a 6 on the Dawkins scale of atheism. I have had the same inquiring mind growing up as Marshall, and science has always been an interest of mine. Its nice to know there are others whom share my experiences as well.

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