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Sorry not read all the thread but just wanted to add: Lennox is just another liar for jesus. He presents his fatuous arguments in a smug, patronising manner. His arguments nearly always boil down to "I believe", and he says the word "believe" in such an affected, practised way that is truly annoying, as if he thinks that swinging on the last syllable lends it any credence. He can't string together a logical argument (something is complicated therefore goddidit) and apparently he doesn't understand how evolution works. For a man in his position, that makes him a liar.

Edit: OK, listened through to the end now, and perhaps calling him a liar is a bit strong. Given the way he can't string together a sentence containing fewer than 2 non-sequiturs or resist going off into some long irrelevant ramble, I think it's more a case of him liking the sound of his own voice and just not being very bright.

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