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It's good to remember that many atheists, rationalists, or secularists - yes, even in liberal bastions such as New York City - do need cultural support and reminding that it's OK for them to stand up and speak out. Convincing theists individually isn't the only goal here. And we will never make a decisive dent in the public discourse by aiming to individually convince theists they're wrong. No social change ever happens that way.

Just as important, and just as vital, is breaking the silence that rationalists and atheists have imposed on themselves. This silence allows the god-botherers to go relatively unchallenged. So many atheists sit quietly, thinking they're the only one in the room, and that to challenge the god-soaked conversation would be rude. Trouble is, the guy or gal sitting next to them is likely to entertain the same thoughts, but they both don't know about each other.

This kind of sloganeering on buses and walls helps break that self-imposed silence. That's important.

Sat, 20 Jun 2009 10:06:00 UTC | #372319