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#20 Lucas

I'm pretty sure there was a post here yesterday (that seems to be missing now) that said that the Templeton website had a photo of Richard on it from a few years ago. I'd imagine you'd want that removed, wouldn't you, as it implies your support of their organization?

Oops, that was my comment, which disappeared in the crash. No, it was just assorted random photographs of the 2005 Templeton-Cambridge Journalism Fellowship events, which if nothing else prove that Richard was in fact there as The God Delusion says -- it wasn't any kind of endorsement so far as I know, unless you count attending in the first place to be an endorsement (he isn't even named as there are no captions). Nevertheless, I admit it probably would be rather embarrassing to have one's photograph on Templeton's site in any capacity, so I'll leave you to find them on your own!

#17 cnocspeireag
Can anyone say how much journalists have been paid to attend Templeton funded conferences?

The 'Fellowships' are for $15,000, plus study for several weeks in Cambridge. See science journalist John Horgan's article about his experience at the 2005 conference, and this is mentioned on Templeton's site itself.

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