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We are a "Big Questions" foundation, not a science foundation, and we believe that the world's philosophical and religious traditions have much to contribute to understanding human experience and our place in the universe.
Why do you believe this? Philosophy has indeed made valuable contributions to our understanding of the universe, but philosophy is basically the same thing as science, a part of the combined intellectual project of applying reason to evidence. Theology has made no such contribution to this project, and must first be shown to have some validity before it can be admitted. Just "believing" that it is relevant does not make it so. Its relevance must be demonstrated.

The astrologers have comprehensively failed to demonstrate the relevance of their discipline, though it was not always so. Astrology formed a respectable part of mainstream science for many centuries, but now we know that their claims do not stand up to scrutiny. The theologians have also failed to sustain the validity their discipline. Why, given this, is it obviously silly to exclude the former but not the latter?

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