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I'd like to echo NumberCruncher here (RAF, worked with spams on numerous occasions, have had many an opportunity to get drunk with them).

There seems to be a perception on this board that American military = dumbasfuck theotard. I can only say that my personal experience is very different to this. There is a slightly lower level in average intelligence between the US military and other countries - but I find that it is because more intelligent Americans have so many more options than in other countries. That isn't to say that what is left are a bunch of backward hicks. They are incredibly polite, proffesional individuals on the whole - and I've never once experienced any religious nonsense from any one I've talked to (at least, no more than could be expected from anywhere else).

One of the more interesting conversations I had with one was his confusion as to why he couldn't just be called American - why did he have to be labeled African-American.

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