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"Christianity long ago ceased to be spread by the sword"
How long are we talking here? You may want to re-inform Latin America of your take on history...

"I've found that Americans have this inbuilt revulsion for expansionism."
We have 770 military bases overseas. We have military men stationed in 820 different locations across 39 countries. Altogether, 84,488 military personnel are located in Europe, 154 in the former Soviet Union, 70,719 in East Asia and the Pacific, 7,850 in North Africa, the Near East, and South Asia, 2,727 are in sub-Saharan Africa with 2,043 in the Western Hemisphere excepting the United States itself. We spend as much on 'defense' (offense) as the entire world combined. We spend $651billion on our military. We have 1,454,515 members in our military, and 848,000 in reserves. You can not name a single region of the US we do not have some glaring presence in.
But no you're right, America is against expansion....

"Speaking in very broad terms, Americans believe passionately in democracy, fairness and the right to do what you do providing you don't hurt anyone. These attitudes are reinforced by the American military ethos which is actively promoted."

What kind of sick distortion of history is this? We supported Sadam from 80-88. We supporter Pinochet for two decades, and ensured his victory by aiding the coup against democratically elected Allende. We funded several decades of dictatorship in Nicaragua under the Somoza brotherood, and then aided the Contras against the peoples will. We overthrew the democratically elected leader Mossadegh in Iran, in favor of oil profits, and decades of dictator rule by the Shah. We supported dictators right after WWII in South Korea, Indonesia (and supported Suharto for several decades of genocide in East Timor and his own populace), Greece, and Turkey! We supported the dictator Musharif in Pakistan just recently. Just this morning one of our School of the Americas graduates led a coup against democratically elected Honduran President Zelaya, and we don't care to stop it. Batista in Cuba. Decade of 'dirty war' in Argentina, we installed the bathiist party in iraq at the overthrow of Quazim, we funded populace genocide in El Salvador under the Altacatl american trained regime...Alright, I am done, I could keep naming, and I could go all the way back to the 1700s but I think I have made my point.

"It is the Muslims who support radical Islam who are waging a war of religion and the rest of the world which is on the receiving end of it and has been since the 9th Century."

Let's add up the body count of the Western world and the Middle East. Any short walk through history will clearly put more blood on our hands. The Islamic world has not 'waged a war' with EVERYONE else. Are you familiar with Greenland, Iceland, South America, Russia, China, Japan, to name a few. They seem safe.
Our sanctions against Iraw from 90-99 led to the death of 500,000 children (that's excluding adults), and the war in Iraq over 1million bystanders. Let's see these radical islamist rival those numbers?

"In the Muslim world, everything is seen through the prism of religion and specifically the prism of Islam in a way that we in the secular West and particularly in Britain find very difficult to understand. Remember that when watching anything produced by al-Jazeera."

What is the Muslim World? It's not a nation. We could say the same about the 'Atheist world' or the 'Christian world.' Going to war with a single religion, and using populaces and nations as hostages, is a painfully myopic strategy. If you really think EVERY Muslim is identical in 'radicalness' you're a radical, and misinformed.

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