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I am an Atheist and I have been in the military for 15 years. I was in the Marines for 8 and have been in the Army for 7, Iraq for two years. The military is a cross section of society, leaning toward the right. The military, like society, has it's fair share of idiots. But for the most part, members are of average or above average intelligence. People don't join the military because they have no other choice. Anyone on this board who has been in the military could tell you that. I enjoy the brotherhood, camaraderie, and shared struggle. Probably for genetic, environmental, or sociocultural reasons. Maybe I carry the MAOA-H gene or something, and the military was a legitimate outlet for my impulses. I had plenty of choices growing up. This seemed like the natural choice. People like me gravitate toward the military. Look at the human race as a whole. We all believe in evolution, right. Do you think that all the genetic traits for combat has been bred out of the human population since Obama has been in office. Anyway, most people nowadays join to pay off student loans or get money for college. That is a conscience decision, made by an individual who is weighing the reward vs the possible consequences. Not the sign of being stupid. Since the economy has collapsed I have had three pay raises. We are due for another 3.5% pay raise in Jan. I get free medical, dental, $500,000 dollar insurance policy, a housing allowance of $2800 a month, and a cost of living allowance. I made $98,000 dollars last year. I got my degree for free and will be attending graduate school for free when I retire with a life long pension at 38 years old. So who's the idiot?

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