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#391900 Maddawg58:

Perhaps you are not an idiot, but just simply selfish.

You somehow have been able to lead a "double life", outright expressing your displeasure when purposefully exposed to attempted indoctrination towards "God's Soldiers" and the ilk.

Or perhaps, you did not voice your displeasure because you saw the benefits of not allowing your voice to be heard.

In other words, you kept your mouth shut, no matter what; you passively participated in or "went along with" indoctrination in the guise of avoiding being seen an atheist/agnostic/free-thinker/humanist and the like.

You did this to avoid "So who's the idiot?" type of fate.

So, tell me. Is it better to be mute for reward, or is it better to be vociferous for shunning? For the greater good or for the greater reward?

Maddawg58, in my eyes, you are no better than Cheney. And yes, that's an insult.

Sun, 28 Jun 2009 16:06:00 UTC | #374602