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"But I have chosen to participate. It is a better perspective on world events, kind of a find hand view. Don't blame me for Iraq, I didn't boil the egg, I'm just the one who has to suck it. People like me don't care who we are fighting, if we did we couldn't do this job. When the bullets start flying your convictions go out the window. It was the Republicans and the spineless Democrats that let Bush and Cheney start this illegal war. Blame the voters that put them in office. Non-beleivers make up 20% of the military. If atheist like me didn't join, there would be no rational thought on the front line."

Well we can blame you as much as the voters. Why didn't you DECLINE to participate in that war? Killing innocent people in a internationally illegal crime is not exactly 'rational' or ethically justified...

Sun, 28 Jun 2009 17:21:00 UTC | #374615