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"Every cell in a healthy human body can make the distinction between itself and others, and those that cannot, that suffer from auto-immune diseases, quickly kill themselves off or fall prey to disease microorganisms."

When I read sentence, I immediately thought (reflected) on the psychological damage that religious dogma does to the immature mind of the human child.

It is no accident that those who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with religious dogma (from one generation to the next) as children are the least likely to have developed the ability to reflect - not least on the on the consequences of their own actions as adults. This unhealthy inability is due to their childhood religious conditioning, which automatically decimates the natural development of a separate Self, i.e., from those who have responsibility for their very lives, as infants and young children. This is the time when our brains are at their most crucial stage of development.

The end result of such desensitizing childhood conditioning is the adult sociopath, i.e., an infant in an adult's body.

Sun, 13 May 2007 11:05:00 UTC | #37478