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The International Literary Festival of Paraty (a historic costal city filled with 18th and 19th century colonial architecture not too far from Rio de Janeiro) is a huge event in Brazil, so there were a LOT of articles about it in the Brazilian press and quite a few of those were about or mentioned Dawkins's appearance. More than thirty authors spoke (among them Simon Schama and Gay Talese) and it was reported that over 25,000 people attended.

The response to Dawkins's lecture, from all accounts, was very positive and enthusiastic, even though Brazil is quite a religious country. I strongly suspect there are more unbelievers than one might think there!

Sorry about the dual-language videos -- I did what Geoff (#11) did and listened to it using one earphone. I'm hoping the full video comes to light eventually! Some Brazilian web sites were live-streaming the entire event, but I haven't seen any full videos anywhere yet.

Here's one more video from Youtube, of Richard being interviewed by a Brazilian science writer. It's in English, thankfully, but the quality isn't so good, but it IS about science and science writing.

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