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I think most people here were already aware of the contents of the treaty. And, since this is hardly a new document, the whole "Christian Nation" was still able to be brought about despite its existence.

The only thing that will really convince people is if the President were to go on national television and declare the "Christian Nation" thing for what it is; bullshit.

Even then, some of them would probably proclaim it an atheist conspiracy and rebel against the government.

My point is, we need some top level people to step up and say "here's how it is and has been for 300 years". Referring wingnuts to some old document (as they would see it) just won't do the job. They'll just point to some even older document *cough*bible*cough* and say "mine trumps yours".

Sun, 26 Jul 2009 16:10:00 UTC | #382365