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'The only thing that will really convince people is if the President were to go on national television and declare the "Christian Nation" thing for what it is; bullshit'.

No, that would just turn them against the President. Nothing will change their mind.

All the rest of us have to do is read the Constitution and the Bible. The Constitution contains no mention of Jesus, and it contradicts the Ten Commandments: 'Have no other gods before me' and 'Don't blaspheme' contradict separation of church and state, and free speech. No discrimination against women and no keeping of slaves contradict the Bible right up to St Paul. Even punishing crime (and therefore the whole of the rule of law) goes against Jesus himself: 'Whosoever takes your coat, give him your other also'.

And what about those Christians who try to end church/state separation, censor free speech, and 'bring the Constitution more in line with the Bible' (Mike Hukabee). If the Constitution is founded on Christianity, then why is it always Christians who are trying to get it changed?

Sun, 26 Jul 2009 21:35:00 UTC | #382461