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How blind are they, AtheistRocker90?

When perverted nutters deny medical care to their children based on their (the nutters, not the children's) beliefs, we can try them in court - though they are clearly crazy. When perverted nutters allow someone to hack at their children's genitals based on their (the nutters, not the children's) beliefs, that is OK, apparently. At least let's start treating all religious abuse of children the same.

I'm waiting, patiently, for the first cases brought by people whose genitals were mutilated when they were children in the name of religion. If a few Rabbis or Mullahs were sued, they might think twice before inflicting this on children and, like this guy, they might be seen as deluded rather than "holy"!

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 19:12:00 UTC | #384388