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Yep, thought a camera shot lingered on a Richard look alike in the audience. Was it the Prof.?

I am tempted to rip Lennox apart sentence by sentence, but I haven't got a week, one point however about "dancing to genes"

There is this thief who winds up in court. "My genes maye me do it m'lord, please let me off"

The judges genes have produced a thinking machine. He thinks "If I let this thief off he may steal something from me, and then I won't be able to give it to my precious little granddaughter, who carries my genes*".

He says "The intelligent machine that your genes produced is going to have to learn that to accomplish its task it is going to have to stop thieving. I'm giving five years to encourage you to lean, and even if you don't you are out of my reproduction space for a while"

Role on evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, game theory, computer modelling of the above, and dare I say it (Lennox oh no!), mathematical theory of the afore mentioned.

I suspect "morality" is just the game we play.

*Actually the judge is being paid a fat salary, that the whole population contribute to, in order to stop theives diminishing the reproductive wealth of the population, but that is too complex for my story.

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