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RE: Comment #406398 by thomas guihen -
"Rikitiki13 - they will do a hell of a lot more than that and I suspect that you know so - be careful Riki, no one is immune - I would be interested to hear why you think the way you do - it is a fact that the only way to overcome a fear is to confront it, running away only makes it stronger."

You had, in that earlier comment, spoken of "...human nature, or to be more specific, the dark side of it, the side that we all have to a greater or lesser extent." - NOT fear. That is what I was commenting on, your: "I'm afraid there's not much we can do about that one, just batten down the hatches and hope we come up smelling of roses." Religions' (and others') program of 'battening-down' and 'hoping' rather than addressing elements of human nature ('the dark side') results in eventual blow-up, either for the individual or the society.

As far as FEAR: confronting isn't the only way I think to overcome fear. Educating oneself (fear of snakes£ study them) can overcome (disengage from) fears, confronting = engagement. If the fear is irrational, rationality can help lessen and eventually eliminate it. If a rational fear (fire!!), running away from the source of the fear might save your life.
Anyway, my $0.02, thanks.

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