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Athens isn't far off modern democracy, a massive underclass who in our time are too apathetic to vote or too undeducated to vote in their best interests. A small elite who sit in power acting in their own best interests.

I would heartily disagree that free tarde is essential for other freedom. Surely you would agree free speech is the key stone upon which other freedoms rest? (although i would be happy for you to prove me wrong)

I realise the Singapore example doesn't change what you said, I was just having a swipe at Capitalism. I find it ironic that you say Capitalism is neccessary for democracy yet it works as good (if not better) under dictatorial regimes.

I would argue that some free trade is necessary and indeed encouragable, but full blown rampant capitalism is certianly not. Britain in the post-war years being a perfect example of a somewhat nationalised nation, i.e. government control over certain industry, schools, transport etc, while still remaining fully democratic.

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