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You are of course 100% correct. Good job.

"The problem here is not that Shariah law will have any impact on the majority, but that it can be used to oppress people within the Muslim cultures that use it." -- Steve Zara

Well this is a rather uniformed and unintelligent statement. Early symptoms of Alzheimers, Steve?

The problem with Sharia is that it is fundamentally cruel and evil, and particularly so towards women... stoning women for adultery, cutting off hands for stealing, threatening lashes to a teacher for naming a teddy bear Mohamed(!!), being KILLED FOR CHANGING ONES MIND, etc ,etc, America these would be called cruel and unusual punishments and I would assume would not be allowed by virtue of the 8th amendment -- though I am not a lawyer.

Sharia is abuse. 5% of the population practicing what is an abuse of women and human rights is 5% too much.

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