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I expect something like this will happen, since the annoucements of two pronged attacks of wahabis: soft approaches through parlementers, the hard core approaches of terrorism, and things in between.
The hard core approaches help the soft cores, and vice versa. These operations has been successful in many democratic slightly autocratic) systems (, like Egypt, Turkey, and Indonesia. The terrors remind everybody that "we are here to stay", the soft-cores worked behind the surface to cement changes legally. The publicly approved faces of the soft-cores somewhat legitimize the hard-cores. In longer terms most of open societies are doomed against these attacks.
I would say this social insurgencies are worthy of the comintern in the past.

Now, the interesting thing is this British variation, is it indeed a provision in British law to have independent courts? (supposedly approved by their adherents). I am no lawyer, even more the British laws are very opaque.

Anybody can answer the question above? Can this kind of things be 'legal' under British law?
If it is, this would be a new development, maybe will be of interest among the British-law camps of democracies in the world (India, Singapore etc).

well ....

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