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Very strong argument, Bravo Grayling!
With more and more public statements like this maybe we can push the evolution of public thinking, away from the rigid traditional feudal monopoly of truth by faith.

As someone grew up among jesuits, I am amused by Grayling's (negative) comparison of Ignatius de Loyola. I always under impression that "although the roman catholic as a whole is basically asshole, the jesuits are the good 'uns, with the educations etc".

Well, we can always learn new tricks ...
BTW, I always and still believe that religions are something inevitable in the human evolution, it is part of mammalian nature to have religions when the groups are large enough.

The issue here is not that religion exist, but that it already past its usefulness, in the same way as raising our own pigs for slaughter.

Some (special) people may still doing it, may still benefited from it, and it may be pretty culturally. But not for public decision making anymore.

Tue, 18 Aug 2009 03:27:00 UTC | #389172