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← Yale Surrenders - Why did Yale University Press remove images of Mohammed from a book about the Danish cartoons?

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24. Comment #407134 by MelM on August 18, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Edit: I think the way to fight the Islamists on this is for every publication to show the cartoons as needed. Use the "I am Spartacus." tactic.

The problem is who goes first? If Yale goes and does this, they will be targetted. Especially, the person responsible for making the decision would be putting his life in danger. I can't blame the Yale press for being afraid. However, if a lot of people did this simultaneously, it could be effective.

Maybe the anniversary of the cartoons should be celebrated as freedom of speech day by everyone who cares all around the world by publishing the pictures on their blogs, websites, and any other medium they may be using.

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