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If I may, a word of caution regarding the author of the book: Jytte Klausen is perhaps one of the most notorious apologists for Islam in Denmark.

She has, on several occasions, tried to place the responsibility for the cartoon-riots on the paper that published the cartoons (and, by association, the danish government, for some strange cultural-relativistic reason), rather than on the people who actually rioted.

Furthermore, she is certainly no champion of free speech. She has tried time and again to blame these violent reactions on "the tone of the debate" in Denmark (meaning, of course, that this whole thing could have been avoided if we would just all stop saying bad things about Muslims and Islam. The very definition of censorship).

I, for one, am not buying her book, cartoons or not. I suspect her retelling of the whole ordeal has the explicit purpose of making sure that nobody blames Islam

Personally, I don't think she is all that unhappy about her book getting censored. That way, at least, she will have an excuse.

Tue, 18 Aug 2009 20:50:00 UTC | #389557