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It should worry them terribly, if you guys just failed them without a second thought, as they seem to fully deserve.
Had I been presented with such things then I'm pretty sure that's what I would have done. My ex boss would never let it stop there however, she's far too indomitable for that! When I asked her what she did she told me that she has taken to reading out the said creationists' rants in front of the whole class and letting their peers have a good laugh at their stupidity.

re these people all from a specific, connected group or is the phenomenon just a statistical sampling representing real local societal tendencies?
I did not inquire as to where these creationists came from, or indeed how many of them there were. I got the impression from what my boss said that there were a handful, maybe three or four, in her classes and that they came from heavily christian families and attended creationist summer camps. They were definitely a small minority and, as a cause for hope, the rest of the students seem to think they're utterly crazy, affording them a salutary level of disdain and scorn as only sixth-formers can.

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