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People who are against health care reform to cover everyone need to realize they are not the freedom fighters they make themselves out to be. People are not islands unto themselves. We live in a society in which our actions or inaction will effect others. They seem blind to the fact they are also looking for consensus with like-minded people, like-minded people for whom it must be acceptable that millions will go uninsured, that people will die for lack of care, or be financially devastated when they can't cover their medical costs. It must be accepted by those who bemoan taxation to cover health care for everyone that this will be the cost of resistance to such a program. It should be clear that the market doesn't care about you, that the power of the consumer, especially when it comes to such essentials as health care, is grossly overestimated. Demanding that people get private health care insurance, or none at all, over a public option requires a conformity of its own, and requires compliance with the tyranny of a for-profit system under which your health is well behind the priority of making money - if it registers as a concern at all. It's been said that health care is not a right. So, considering this, which children would it be acceptable to let go untreated or die if they don't have the right to care? Which adults? Which poor? It appears that those who are so resistant to having others decide what will be done with their taxes are more than comfortable with inflicting their moral judgment on others.

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