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This in interesting because it shows how absurd people's political beliefs can be here in the US. Here about 16% of our GDP (which is the highest in the world) goes toward medical care. The UK pays about 8% of its significantly lower GDP. Yet about 10-15% of the population is uninsured, and those who are insured have to deal with high deductables which discourage people to get healthcare when they need it.

This is an absurd situation compared to other countries where everyone is covered, and everyone pays less for medical care. Obsiously, there is much room for improvement through reform. Yet many people adamantly oppose reform of any kind and are willing to cling to any outlandish justification as to why they shouldn't accept reform. Most of them seem to just be clinging to the notion that the government will do a bad job of reforming healthcare and that national healthcare is "socialism" or "nazism". Not that they know what either of those things are. People here are willingly, by faith perhaps, accepting whatever reason they can come up with to oppose reforms that will help more people and cost them less money. Politics is practically a religion here.

Thu, 27 Aug 2009 03:19:00 UTC | #391966