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I wrote to Ruth Wishart as follows this morning

Dear Ruth

It was a pleasure to meet you in Edinburgh, earlier in the week.

Somebody sent me your piece in yesterday's Herald, and of course I enjoyed it.,4256,How-to-teach-of-the-facts-of-life-and-its-origins,Ruth-Wishart---The-Herald
Thank you for a very nice review. All except for this, which, I am sorry to say, contains an out-and-out lie:

"Unlike him, I believe it's perfectly acceptable to have children learn about world religions as part of their cultural education."

Like my colleague Daniel Dennett (Breaking the Spell), I think it is more than 'acceptable', I have long been a strong supporter of teaching children about world religions as part of their cultural education. I suspect that, if you read the attached five pages [pages 340-344] from The God Delusion (and I have said the same kind of thing over and over, in many different places) you may feel moved to publish an apology!

All good wishes


I immediately received the following gracious apology:
Dear Richard, I am so sorry to have misrepresented you in this regard. I will, of course, draw this to the attention of the editor. Please accept my own apologies. best wishes Ruth.

I would like to add that Ruth Wishart's chairing of the event in Edinburgh was admirable, and she gave me an exceedingly nice and very witty introduction.


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