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I emailed the author, before realising that Richard had done so!

"I have read this article online today. I was heartened by the positive nature of your review but came away from the experience seriously disappointed by your concluding remarks.

Contrary to your assertion, Mr Dawkins does think it is important that children are taught about "world religions as part of their cultural education"; what he finds wrong is the indoctrination of a child into a belief system, be that by parents or an educational institution. He is against teaching myth as if it were fact. This is something that is perfectly clear from The God Delusion and would have been obvious to you had you asked him this specific question yourself, which I suspect you did not.

It is precisely this sort of loose thinking and poor research that adds to he problems of Mr Dawkins and those of us who value what he is attempting to do. Articles like yours get quoted by the mindless "history-deniers" as proof that Mr Dawkins holds views that he does not.

In the US and the UK (and, indeed, elsewhere) there is a battle going on, with wealthy and well-connected protagonists on one side attempting to undermine a fundamental scientific fact by replacing it with myth and superstition. Be under no illusion, their mantra might well be "teach the controversy" (when we know there is none) but their aim is nothing short of replacing the teaching of evolution completely. This is a fundamental, and I use the word advisedly, attack on the teaching of science. It does not help when articles like yours propogate inaccuracies. Is it too much to ask for once that a reviewer might refrain from inventing opinions that Mr Dawkins has never espoused?"

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