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I didn't think it was news that humans have brains that are predisposed to seek explanations for the world that go well beyond rationality. Lewis Wolpert in his excellent little book "Six Impossible things before Breakfast" hypothesizes along these lines, and many other scholars besides. Educated Westerners may become more secular, but still follow horoscopes and give credence to palmistry. Indeed, this is why I was very glad that Dawkins made "The Enemies of Reason" program because the lack of rational thinking is not just the domain of the religious, it's pervasive and, if this way of thinking is hardwired, then it will be very hard to curtail altogether.

EDIT: Having high school students be required to read Carl Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World" will at least be a primer for young people who otherwise have no guide to *think about thinking.*

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