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I am reading the book at the moment and am enjoying it, so far.

I fear, however, that it is just preaching to the choir again (pun intended). I hope I am wrong.

Even if teachers are convinced that there is more evidence for evolution than they previously understood, they are still likely to be stymied by the threat of protest from parents who do not want their children taught anything that contradicts their (the parent's) religion.

In addition, creationists who are well enough educated to understand the evidence put forward probably know about it anyway, those who are creationists through lack of education won't read it - it is a big book with big words! If the book is not meant to "convert" (i.e. educate) creationists... does what it says need to be said - again?

Incidentally, regarding the footnote on page 35 of the hardback edition...

babies DO "suckle":

Chambers Dictionary (1998 ed)
"suckle, vt to feed by allowing to suck milk from the breast or other mamma. vi. to take milk in this way.

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