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From Mr. Wilson's brain, roughly transcribed:

"I want to base everything on the bible... and you'd say "Why do you want to do that?"... and I'd say, well, as it says here in Romans... but then you'd say I can't just flip to a verse in the Bible, because that would be begging the question... Well I'd say the same thing about reason... if a person says I want to base everything on reason... then I say "Why do you want to do that?"... When he turns to give me a reason, what is he doing? He's flipping open his bible!
Applying reason to fabrics resulted in the clothes Wilson wears. Applying this very same "bible of reason" to metals and plastics, resulted in the car that Wilson drives. Could these things have been accomplished merely by consulting the bible? Am I oversimplifying his position here? Would Wilson deny that a rigorous application of reason produced these tangible things? Or was God whispering instructions into Henry Ford's ear? To equate the discipline of reason with passages from an ancient book is a brand of insanity I've not been exposed to before.

More from Wilson:

"You'll notice that I'm following the ancient triad of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Christians are not rationalists. Of course Christians would point out that rationalists are not rationalists, either. Every position is a faith position."
Didn't Wilson just shoot himself directly in the foot here? Does his whole argument boil down to "Please accept my subjective, irrational opinion: the bible is everything?

BTW... did anyone else notice Marvin Olasky popping his head into the camera briefly? Even when I was an aspiring Christian in Texas, this pious dweeb's column in The Austin-American Statesman newspaper always gave me the urge to take the Lord's name in vain.

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