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What is your solution? Is there any common ground? Is there any basis for a discussion with any common axioms?

There is no "solution". But there is plenty of common ground. Science is deeply rooted in common ground, namely, empiricism and reason. But these are not gods, they are only tools that we humans have created. And as we are, they too are flawed. Such is the human condition. To solve this "problem", some people posit a god so they feel better in knowing there is truly an ultimate reference somewhere where they can put their angst. Others simply grow up beyond santa claus and deal with the uncertainty and the infinite depth of the rabbit hole. Well, the best we can at least, until we die.

And who cares if you're bored? Nice logic to that argument. The argument from ennui. How Christian of you.

Well you could say that I am a Christian. An atheist one, but still. And the ennui is not about my own boredom regarding your argument. The ennui remark was against materialism. For all the spaceships we build, we are still going to be dust. Materialism is no foe for transcendent. They speak of different languages.

Plus, you're dead wrong about Christians and materialism. Laughably, horrendously wrong! In my 48 years on this planet, I've seen exactly the opposite, and I was raised a Catholic, served as an altar boy, and was Confirmed. "God wants us to have beautiful things" is one piece of tripe believers will use when deciding whether to purchase the new Mercedes, or donate the money to charity, and there are many others.

There's plenty of subjects here. There's hypocrisy, there's charity, etc. I did not say that they hate materialism in itself, only that they despise materialism as a foundation for their lives. Charity... Nietzche talked about Christian charity a lot. I urge you to read about it. And hypocrisy, well, should I even say anything about christian hypocrisy? I've heard the line "atheists bother more about christianity than christian themselves" too often. The people that say these things don't even consider for one moment that one possible answer to this "paradox" is that the people who think more about this stuff see it's inherent evils, falsehoods and hubris at it.

You sounded intelligent in your first posts, but I'm rapidly losing respect for your arguments.

Such anger.

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