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I grow tired of these debates because honestly, there is nothing to debate anymore.

Wilson argues that Atheists use reason, and he uses the bible, therefore admitting that his beliefs and arguments are unreasonable! Does anyone else notice this? I think I read some comments that word it better than I have, although what kind of intellectual uses such an amateur nonsensical play on words to argue for the existence of a magical sky being?

Hitchens has his honest reason, rational thought, scientific evidence, history education, critical thought processes.. etc... and Wilson has his "holy" bible and a bunch of ideas that he made up, conceptions about nature which he can't wrap his thick head around, and his inability to give up his childish story book with witches, wizards, multi-headed dragons, and bodily resurrections.

There's no debate anymore, the people who aren't thick headed cowards are slowly and tediously uncovering the truth about life on earth and the universe, while the rest cling to their ancient stories for instant, simple, comfortable, answers to everything.

I barely know anyone my age, 23, who can honestly call themselves anything other than a deist, or perhaps a moderate, and eventually the older superstitious generations will die off and the majority of humans will be irreligious, except for a few fringe religi-cults.

I think Dan Dennett hypothesized this outcome, and I think it is the most likely to occur.

(although I always love hearing Hitchens speak, I hate debates that make the public believe that there is some sort of legitimacy to religious beliefs)

The debate is dead.

Evolution happened, and no one designed it. If anyone had designed it, we would ALL know it.

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