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Allan W - sorry that is a lie. You are very welcome to post on the St Peters website. And there is no 'alternative thread'. We believe in being open minded - which is more than can be said for RD net - where those who don't share the faith are excluded.

You also say that the points I make have been addressed elsewhere. Where? Where is the answer to the Edge quotation? Where is the answer to the question about evidence for Christians killing millions at the request of their God? And you keep talking about falsehoods. Its strange its like your other atheist mantras - if you repeat them enough you think they are true. I have issued this challenge many many times and you still cannot meet it. Give me one example of where I have lied. There may be many times I am wrong but I am not aware of telling a single lie on this website. But you are an empiricist. Yu don't believe in saying things without evidence - so it should not be too difficult to prove that I have been lying. There's a challenge for you.

I actually think that whenever you guys step out of your own wee world - into the real world - you get hammered in debate and discussion. Its why you need this forum to be a closed one.

St Stephen - this IS what he said "When asked by the Edge Foundation.'what do you beleive is true even though you cannot prove it?' Dawkins replied: 'I beleive tht all life, all intelligence, all creativity and all design anywhere in the universe, is the direct or indirect product of natural selection. It follows that design comes late in the universe, after a period of Darwinian evolution. Design cannot precede evolution, and therefore cannot underlie the universe'. At bottom,then, Dawkins's rejection of an ultimate Intelligence is a matter of belief without proof. And like many whose beliefs are based on blind faith, he cannot tolerate dissent or defection."

Anyway I am not prepared to waste time debating in a sideline - so when you have the balls and the wit to actually debate like adults and remove the auto-troll I will be happy to answer any questions you have. The only further responses I will make here are if you manage to come up with a lie I have said...

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