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← AC Grayling: Derren Brown's Lotto stunt was a trick too far

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(omit the last 'nue' from the link in the article.

I normally like Derren's stuff but, I was very disapointed by the 'explanation' show, which offered up no explanation at all really.

His 'wisdom of the masses' idea would work well in the 'guess the weight of the bull' competition. Knowledgable farming communities would know about such things, so their combined and averaged guess would be near the true weight, but you can't do the same with random numbers, because the guesses are not based on any wisdom.

Also the panel of 24 people were told they could pick negative numbers - not what you'd do in real life, as there are no negatives in the draw set.

And wouldn't 24 peoples average numbers when picking lottery balls, come to 23-26 anyway, as the balls go up to 49?

All waffle by Derren is just to trick the mind, (his job description) as were the filler pieces about coin tossing, and to give credibility to the main event.

The numbers obviously got onto the balls as the draw was made - it would be intresting to see how it was done, but what's more intresting is everyones reaction - if Derren did this one as a mere publicity stunt for his new series, it's worked very well!

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