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Comment #415457 by mikeym
"You seriously think he'd rely on that when a simple card palm would be sure every time? Come on.." He doesn't seem to get it right every time. There are clips of him with people who are a bit more savy and the whole suggestion thing doesn't work.
So you don’t think he might just possibly make minor errors deliberately in order to lend his “Psychology” credibility? If he got it perfect every time people would find that odd because we all "know" suggestion isn't 100%... LOL he’s got you hook line and sinker.
I can't help but think that magicians see slight of hand because that's what they're expecting.
Hell if I can spot them… He is very good at what he does which is why he is respected in the “Magic” community but no one is perfect at this stuff. By the way he started as a close up magician and he is GOOD at it. Hell he’s written a book on the subject!
But every trick appears to have the same underlying prompts. It's a lot of effort to go to if it's got nothing to do with the trick
Well it is his JOB. Of course he is going to go to a lot of effort to make his shtick look good. Having said that it would be a damn site more work rely on suggestion when he is so capable at sleight of hand and magic.

Look the man SAYS he uses, and I quote "magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship". He list magic first and foremost for goodness sake! He’s even stated that the explanations he gives are not what he actually does in his books.

You are a great example of why I am so uncomfortable with Derren Brown. You are no fool and yet even you have fallen for it. And it worries me.

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