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I don't think Poel James' explanation of freeze frame and camera trickery actually holds water, although it is a good description of how such a trick could be done. Try watching Derren's prediction again (preferably at a higher quality than the you tube video) and watch for the jumping ball. It doesn't happen. The youtube video has been digitised and compressed and the difference between their apparent heights is one pixel. It's impossible to say if that's from the compression or real.

Watching it at a higher quality there is no obvious jump from the balls. Although they do appear mostly straight at the start they are much further from the camera than when they show the close up with the slightly raised ball and the gap could easily be less than one pixel at that distance and therefore not visible.

Now they mention how the screen shake is 'digital' in the explanation and how all the movement is left to right up or down as would be the case for a digital shake, but that's not what I see watching the video. Watch the left side of the balls and their distance from the pillar just to their left that apparent distance is changing throughout the video exactly as you would expect if the angle of the camera were changing as well as its position.

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