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That's a pretty clever stunt they're pulling there. Deeply offensive, amusing and guaranteed to create publicity however well or badly it goes down.

Ripping out the intro is one thing, but perhaps another way to win this battle would be to make it impossible for them to unload their product; to make their efforts so laughable that they won't even be able to give the books away.

They've shot their bolt now and are locked into going through with it. It shouldn't be beyond the wit of the non-nutters to think of a suitable riposte and course of action over the next two months that shoots them down in flames and leaves them with tons of ignored product.

Maybe something which shows how only a dickhead could possibly believe that god exists because bananas fit in our hands? I know, coming up with something that makes that pair look more ridiculous than they already are is going to be a challenge!

Thu, 17 Sep 2009 13:33:00 UTC | #398112