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I question the need for this new, derivative work. No, Dr. Dawkins hadn't before written a book that compiles the evidence for evolution before, but why should he feel obligated to do so? Not every academic feels the need to, or should, re-capitulate their field's canon. Was he unaware that Jerry Coyne was writing a book that would be published before his and fill the same niche? Sure, he'll have another best-seller on his hands...

40% of Americans don't accept evolution by natural selection, and it's not because they can't find enlightening titles in their corner bookstores -- it's because they are *willfully* ignorant. Our discourse and valuation of reason need to shift; what won't particularly help is another tome. A regular newspaper column that's widely carried would do much more good on this front, I believe. A person who may not buy a book on evolution may spend a minute reading a few paragraphs before heading to work. Administer the science in small, digestible chunks.

Gould's "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory" advanced his original arguments. No, this certainly wasn't a work for the masses like Dawkins' new book, but I would appreciate a book by Dawkins NOT meant for general consumption. His best work, in my opinion, was his most original, "The Selfish Gene."

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