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Positive stuff, though Jones implies reservations about "the atheistical cage-rattling that marked The God Delusion".

Now, he's entitled to this view, but what kind of word is "atheistical"?! How does it differ in meaning from "atheistic"? Indeed, wouldn't "atheist cage-rattling" be perfectly intelligible? I trust this montrous linguistic mutant will immediately be extinguished by natural memetic selection.

More pertinently: the review's skim through TGSOE reminds me how much the book covers the same ground as Origin Of Species, systematically gathering evidence from embryology, biogeography, fossils, etc. It is of course bang up to date and thus suffused with confirmatory evidence unavailable to Darwin; but it's satisfying to see how well Darwin's arguments have held up; and disappointing that they need to be made again. Although Richard's book is inevitably more accessible and current, any reader persuaded by it ought equally to be persuaded by reading OOS in the first place; which only emphasises how closed to persuasion are the 'history-deniers'.

Still, well done Richard, on yet another splendid read!

Sat, 19 Sep 2009 13:08:00 UTC | #398941