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That's got to be the best headline I've read in a good long time: "Author pits evolution against creationism"

Well, gee. I never thought of evolution and creationism as being polar opposites. They all seemed so well-matched!

Sub-title is even better: "Long-held disdain for Bible-based view surfaces in his new book"

Mr. Dawkins, keeping your disdain for Biblical creationism hidden for so long. I never would have guessed! You insidious scientist, keeping your true feelings silent for this long.

"Dawkins directly takes on an issue that he has only touched on in previous publications – evolution."

Um, you know... I have a lot of respect for reporters who can... you know, at least Google the people they write articles about first.

Tue, 22 Sep 2009 17:56:00 UTC | #399925