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Most people believe in just one niche branch of fairytales and strongly reject countless others. This leads to the question why 'one' over 'none' is more important for so many religious people.

To me it seems to be an inner struggle with common sense. Religious people of any kind share something that is completely rejected by the 'nones' who don't believe in invisible unexplainable things that become visible and explainable when you just accept these things to be real. Without a sight, evidence and without a critical mind.

Make-believe is far more convenient without being scrutinized for actually accepting make-believe fairy-tales with wizards, zombies, ghosts and hollow promises, with only anecdotes and biased opinions to support the claims. But then again, religious people use the very same arguments for not accepting any other religion than just theirs. I dare to say that the number of 'nones' is quite higher than 15%.

Tue, 22 Sep 2009 18:25:00 UTC | #399940