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OK everyone, since we're talking about planets thousands of light years away from our solar system that may harbor life, let's all speculate. As of today, there are 369 known and cataloged extra-solar planets or "exoplanets". Since astronomers have only just started looking, I mean really looking in the last few years, it's obvious that's just the tip of the iceberg. Though astronomers are careful not to speculate too much, I will. Our unremarkable, average little star has eight planets and those planets have no less than 170 moons orbiting them--yes, that's right, 170 moons, don't forget the potential for life to evolve on moons too. Given there's billions of stars just in our galaxy, there must be BILLIONS OF PLANETS also. Just the sheer number of possible planets and moons alone means billions of places life, intelligent or not, could evolve. There's life out there (just speculation on my part) but, there it is.

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