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5. Comment #418330 by SteveN

I was going to argue with you about sufficient intensity of energetic gamma rays smashing any complex molecule to bits, but then I saw:-

26. Comment #418333 by Steve Zara
There are certain fungi that use melanin to trap energy from ionising radiation. They grow in the ruins of Chernobyl.

... so I'll just shurrup!

Yes, it probably was "Dragon's Egg".

27. Comment #418336 by squinky
but I've seen no theories on how to make the sugar part of DNA or RNA. It's a huge open question.

See the current issue of Scientific American (September 2009, pp.38-45), where John Sutherland's*" work on synthesis of RNA via 2-aminooxazole is discussed. This route bypasses the synthesis of sugar.

(** John Sutherland et al., University of Manchester, UK, if anyone wants to try to find the paper(s) direct.)

EDIT: Spelling of "2-aminooxazole"

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