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From the article
[Newmarket is best known for releasing "The Passion of the Christ."]

This may make some of those church protests awkward.

I am excited to see a film about Darwin. Even if it is not accurate, and creates unhistorical drama, it should still be a decent movie. They have a fascinating subject and amazing actors. I hope they don't focus too much of the ghost of his daughter. A movie about science that shows the existence of detached "souls" communicating with he living will send mixed signals. From what I read, they use the ghost to show his pain from her loss, and her memory as a motivator for writing. If they use her physical appearance to visualize his sadness and loss, that is fine with me. Much more than that will confuse the fundamental masses. Not that they will see it, but they will "quote mine" and confuse it with history for sure.

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