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There are four little articles in this, and the summary of each is as follows:

1)Quote a bunch of famous people then round it off with vast amounts of 'handwavium' (that classic StarTrek tactic of if you don't know what's going on, mumble a bit, say big words and hope nobody notices).
2)I'm so open minded I've lost all critical thinking.
3)Courtier's reply (and a first class crazy one at that!).
4)The only possible way this nice thing could have happened is because of Christians. It's impossible for any other people to have done this nice thing! (Barf - oh, and what on Earth does that have to do with whether any of your waffle is true or not?)

The third one is a real doozy though. I'm so close to calling Poe on it. My favourite selections of bilge being;
"theologians tell us exactly what God promises to us, what God requires of us, and of what God warns us. If Professor Dawkins paid proper attention to theologians, he would not be putting his eternal destiny at risk by his adamant and aggressive atheism"
and the best;
"it's good to know that there is a Supreme Being who is personal and who governs the world in goodness. Otherwise, we waste time and resources and emotion trying to placate other sorts of deities"
This one is so bonkers I can not read it with a straight face. Essentialy, it is so lucky that we have this imaginary friend, otherwise we'd be in the horrible position of believing in other imaginary friends - and we all know that they aren't real! Grade A fruitcake.

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