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I looked back at the comments and saw 2 refs to 'chickflicks'. The point about such an expression, (and also 'chicklit') is that, although a flippant word, it actually does describe a recognisable type of film or book. One reason for this is that some books and films are deliberately produced with an eye on a definite audience (which DOES exist - my sister devours chick lit at an amazing rate!) Great profits are made, thus ensuring the continuation of the 'species'.
I think it is showing oversensitivity to call this misogyny. After all, the opposite also exists. What they generally have in common is a lack of intellectual content and that (and not the gender of the audience) is usually the target of the implied criticism.
I have not seen this film so cannot judge, but it seems to contain some of the standard elements of a 'formula' mass-produced love story. For that reason, it probably will appeal more to a female audience than a male one. I don't see this as a criticism of our gender, and don't think that you should feel affronted by an acknowledgement of the situation.
Please don't be put off this site. About the only intolerance you will encounter here is that expressed against poor reason or bad arguments, which seems fair enough. Generally people are assumed to be intelligent and reasonable until they prove themselves otherwise!

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