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I don't think mordacious1's comment can be described as mysogyny if that's what you meant.

Films have genre's, after watching lots of examples of different kinds of genre you can start to work out what you do and don't like. Movie makers know this and make their films aimed at certain types of people. Romantic comedies and stories are often called chick flicks as mainly women like them and mainly men dont. It doesn't mean there won't be exceptions, but what it does mean is that unless you want to watch every film ever made you have to make educated guesses on what you are likely to like and what you aren't. This can be done by either considering the actor in it, or the director who directed it, or by the genre. Saying i don't like chick flicks does not constitute mysogyny or anything near it. It tells you nothing of the person saying it's view of women, only of their view of the types of films made by movie makers that are aimed at women.

If you didn't mean this then perhaps you should have started your email differently. I agree with you over the utility of a movie that shows Darwin's real nature, if indeed this movie does that.

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