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Couple of bits from the article....

On the other hand explained Ovgoi C. Owen, a scientist at the University of Kent, an American specialist in the origin of man that he made a study of primitive man, known as Ardipithecus ramidus who lived 4.4 million years in Ethiopia.

He said in a study published today in the journal Science, that "people often think people evolved from apes, but that is not true."

He said he "spread the idea that human beings are an upgraded version of the chimpanzee study but contributed to the primitive man made sure that he could not develop human beings from chimpanzees or gorillas."

It seems like the first paragraph above is reasonable enough & the clunky sound of the 2nd paragraph is due to errors in translation - could someone who reads Arabic please confirm?

Said Tim White of the University of California, Berkeley, who helped lead the research team, said "People have a belief that modern chimpanzees did not evolve much, and that the last common ancestor was like a chimpanzee and about birth control is a human that has occurred for each development."

What the hell might my bolded bit actually translate to?

Also, what is with "Ardi" becoming "Shot"?

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